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Dissertations Advised

2023 A Lifelong Joy: Elderly African Americans, Singing and Cessation. Carolyn Sebron dissertation. Document. VIDEO

2023 Interiority and the Ballads of Carl Loewe. Mark Craig lecture recital document. Document.

2022 Early Vocal Music by Feliksas Bajoras: Finding Authenticity and Multiplicity with Reimagined Folk Music. Hannah Timms lecture recital document. (Dean’s research award recipient) Document.

2021 The Utility of Vocal Function Exercises as an Adjunct Therapy for Voice Disorders in Singers with Suspected Laryngopharyngeal Reflux. Kathleen Bell dissertation Document. VIDEO

2019 Psychophysiological Characteristics of Music Performance Anxiety in Singers. Katherine Anne DeFiglio dissertation. Document. VIDEO

2018 The Therapeutic Singing Voice: Defining Characteristics and Implications for the Voice Training of Music Therapy Students. Martina Bingham dissertation. Document. VIDEO

2017 The Functional Basis of Squall in Black Gospel Singing: Stroboscopic, Perceptual, and Acoustic Findings. Patricia Campbell dissertation. Document. VIDEO

2016 Contemporary Christian Singers and Worship Leaders: Vocal Health and Technical Needs. Leon Neto dissertation. Document. VIDEO

2014 Shifting Gears – Formant Tuning Strategies of Elite Operatic Baritones. Troy Castle dissertation. Document. VIDEO (Dean’s research award recipient)

2013 The Effect of Menopause on the Elite Singing Voice: Singing Through the Storm. Advisor, Barbara Caprilli (now Demaio) dissertation. Document. VIDEO

2012 The Efficacy of Vocal Function Exercises in the Practice Regimen of Undergraduate Musical Theatre Majors. Advisor, Sarah Maines dissertation. Document.